What we do at WSI – KILDARE

WSI – Kildare is a group of volunteers in County Kildare offer extensive summer and winter programme of water safety classes and training. From September to June we run water safety and lifesaving classes in swimming pools developing skills in rescue, survival and resuscitation.  An outdoor  programme is  offered during the  summer months  at  our  training  center  on the shore of Blessington lakes  focusing on the sport  of lifesaving .  You can meet our mascot Uisce Bear ……….. Who just loves to talk about keeping safe in and around water.

Our focus is on Public Awareness and education. Tragically, an average of 127 people drown each year in Ireland.  We feel that this is simply unacceptable considering that most fatalities are avoidable.  We strive to reduce these fatalities by increasing water safety awareness and by changing attitudes and behaviors so that our aquatic environments can be enjoyed with confidence and safety.

Learning to save a life can be the best investment you ever make and everyone can benefit from knowledge of simple lifesaving techniques.

We offer many opportunities for you to develop your life saving skills, get certified to becoming a volunteer IWS Instructor, Lifeguard …

Swim Awards

Seal 1 – 5,

Marlin 6 – 10,

Orca 11 – 15

Challenge Awards 

Challenge 1-2

Safety Awards

Safety 1-4

Endurance / Survival Awards

Endurance 1-2

Survival 1-2

Rescue Awards

Rescue 1-4

Basic Life Support Awards

Schools Programme

Junior Aquatics Water Safety (JAWS)

Primary Aquatics Water Safety (PAWS)

Specialist Awards

National Pool Lifeguard

National Inland Open Water Lifeguard

National Instructor

National Assistant Swimming Teacher

National Surf Lifesaving Awards