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Clongowes Pool Lifeguard Course

In recent weeks Jack Hilliard has been one of 40 boys, who are taking Lifesaving lessons in our new swimming pool as part of the Transition Year programme of activities. The lads are training for a Pool Life Guard Course over the year, which will allow them to be Life Savers. Mr. Philip Keleghan from Irish Water Safety takes the boys twice a week for two hours through this tough but very rewarding course and they are thoroughly enjoying it…

‘It’s easy to see why the lifesaving course is so respected as it’s quite difficult to do but at the same time it’s a very
rewarding experience. I feel our group has progressed well and everyone seems to enjoy it. The general feedback
from the lads is that the sessions are tiring but they’re glad to have the opportunity to learn such a vital skill that will stand to them later in life. This wouldn’t be possible without our instructor, Philip, a volunteer from Irish Water Safety, who has truly put in a great eff ort in training us.

Philip’s attention to detail is remarkable; he always keeps us on our toes and is a key part as to why the course is so interesting. The amount of techniques we have learnt so far is staggering and is certainly a lot to take in, but I think we are getting the hang of it. Everytime we step into the pool there’s a new challenge, an obstacle to surmount. It’s hard but I don’t think it should be easy and I know it’ll be worth it in the end when we could have the chance make a difference to someone in the real world.

We have been privileged to be one of the fi rst groups in the school to use the new pool and I have to say it was
definitely worth the wait. I’ll admit for most of the last year it was hard to picture that the concrete foundations could turn into something so impressive. The structure fi ts seamlessly beside the Sports Hall and complements the whole complex very well. The inside of the building is modern with the pool overlooked by a balcony that leads into an open space behind it. The pool is great and also includes a hydrotherapy pool which will be great for recovery after competitive sports and games. The pool design has been a great success and a great addition to the school; the whole school has been buzzing with excitement about it and it has exceeded our expectations.

By Jack Hilliard

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