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Water Safety Classes restarting at K-Leisure Naas September 2020

Please note the following when attending your booked water safety class. You can only attend water safety classes if you have booked in online.


You must complete the following two forms;

1 WSI Enrolment Form – COVID-19 Specific filled in once at the start of each course

2 WSI Kildare COVID-19 Self Report Screening (Participant/ Volunteer) must be completed at each and every session and handed in, no exceptions. Forms will be emailed once you register and will be availed on www.kildarewatersafety.ie

We ask that you remain outside / in your car until 5 minutes before your start time , as you enter the pool building you hand in your forms and proceed to the designated dry changing area , ( you should come wearing you swim suit under your clothing for a quick change) you put all your clothes and belongings into your bag and then bring your the bag to the pool side where it will remain till the end of your class.

At the end of the session you will collect your bag and go directly to change and towel dry, get dressed and leave the building.

There will be NO showers and NO hair drier available.

We ask participants to change by themselves and ask parents to wait outside to collect participants. 

Parent /Guardian please explain this process to all children prior to attending.  Thank you ! Please always wear masks and social distance as per HSE.ie guidelines, when entering and leaving the K-Leisure facility. We look forward to seeing you soon and getting back to what we like best teaching Water Safety !

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